UCA is pleased to announce Lyrical Opera Theater as this week's featured member organization!
Read below to learn more about Lyrical Opera Theater.
How did your organization come to be?
Lynnette Owens saw the need to have a high quality, community-based opera company that provides singing opportunities for local artists where they're able to perform while being home with their children and regular income providing jobs. 
How would you describe your organization in three words?
Family based opera.
What is your favorite things about Utah's arts, humanities and cultural community?
We love that Utah has a vast array of highly skilled, classically trained singers that we can use in both our classy entertainment concerts and operas.
Briefly describe an experience you've had with the arts or humanities that was impactful.
We've introduced community members to opera that could not have otherwise afforded to go. Our guests have commented afterwards that they didn't know if they would like opera but that they loved it.
Finally, is there anything else you'd like our members to know? (surprising talents, interesting facts, important causes, favorite songs, etc.)
Lyrical Opera Theater performs with full orchestral accompaniment tracks without a conductor...a feat we were told was impossible in the world of opera. We're showing the entire world that, of course it can be done and that is a viable low cost way of producing high quality opera.