When September 04, 2021 at 8:00pm 3 hrs 59 mins
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Ever since he busted straight out of Laguna Beach in 2005, there's been no stopping Ty Segall. After stints in the Epsilons and the Traditional Fools, he started producing his own records in 2008. He's made 13 of them since then, for an ever-increasing audience, while performing live internationally as well as across the spectrum of late-night television. Ty has written theme music for a series of shows on Comedy Central, a horror show on Hulu, and he makes great videos for his songs; he performs in other acts such as Fuzz and GOGGs; he has his own label (called GOD?) and if he isn't doing any of that, he's usually in the studio, making records for himself or one of his other acts - or producing other artists that he thinks are rad.