Suffrage and Insanity @ Pygmalion (Oct 28 - Nov 12, SLC)

""The natural and proper timidity and delicacy which belongs to the female sex evidently unfits it for many of the occupations of civil life... [T]he paramount destiny and mission of woman are to fulfill the noble and benign offices of wife and mother. This is the law of the Creator." Bradwell v. Illinois, 83 U.S. (16 Wall.) 130 (1873)
To support women's suffrage and efforts to gain employment, Myra Bradwell helped write the Illinois Married Women's Property Act of 1861 and with Alta M. Hulett the Earnings Act of 1869, both of which allowed married women to control their earnings and property. In August 1869, a federal judge (from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals) and state's attorney examined Bradwell's legal ability, pronounced her qualified and suggested that the Illinois State Supreme Court Issue her a license. However, her application was denied on the grounds that as a married woman, she could not enter into any legal contracts, as lawyers do in their profession. On February 5, 1870, the Illinois high court again denied her claim on the basis of sex. Chief Justice Charles B. Lawrence stated that "God designed the sexes to occupy different spheres of action." 
- from the marvelous Wikipedia
 Mary and Myra by Catherine Filloux
October 28 - November 12
In the summer of 1875, Mary Todd Lincoln (the President's widow) 
resides in an insane asylum, sent there by her only living son.  
Her progressive friend Myra Bradwell (America's first woman lawyer) 
arrives to help Mary gain her release by exposing the injustices of her trial.  
But Myra's motives and Mary's sanity are both up for debate, 
as they grapple with their pasts and their perceptions of 
freedom and womanhood.  
Featuring Tamara Howell and Teresa Sanderson.
Directed by Fran Pruyn

Tickets: 801-355-ARTS
Rose Wagner Center for the Performing Arts
138 West 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah
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