Recipients for Tier I and Zoological funding has been finalized. Plus, check out the stories and successes of ZAP-funded orgs.
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  1. Tier I and Zoological - The Tier I Advisory Board's recommendations have been approved for 2017. The next step will be contracting. Information about this will be sent after the new year. We will also send the projected funding amount after the new year. Our projections are more accurate once 2016 is complete.
  2. Tier II - If you have not yet signed your 2016 contract in ZoomGrants, please do so before the end of the year (ASAP). If you have questions about how to do this, please contact Megan Attermann (385.468.7058).
  3. All - Thank you to those of you who have filled out our equity survey. If you did not receive a link to this survey, please contact Megan Attermann. She will happily send you a link. 
  4. All - ZAP is partnering with the Salt Lake Emerging Arts Professionals and Utah Cultural Alliance to highlight outstanding emerging leaders in the county. We encourage you to nominate an outstanding emerging leader today. Learn more. The first award winner will be announced in February. 

The Community Dance Mashup
By Ashley Anderson | loveDANCEmore

Utah’s schools are rich with dance. 

By national comparison, Utah students have more enriching dance experiences than perhaps any other state. Thanks to ZAP-funded organizations, most K-6 students have the opportunity to view concerts and many move weekly to choreograph year-end performances. Secondary students work with seasoned educators and attend high-level workshops. As a result, and as with all subjects, dance has curricular standards to ensure a rigorous experience.

These standards are written in such a way that honors Utah’s concert dance tradition (think: RDT, Ririe Woodbury, Ballet West, and Tanner Dance) but makes lesser mention of cultural forms, suggesting that knowing about a folk dance or two is sufficient. (read more)


2017 Tier I & Zoological funding approved
By Megan Attermann | Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks

In the year 2017, 22 arts and culture organizations will be funded in Tier I —the largest funding category in Salt Lake County’s Zoo, Arts and Parks (ZAP) Program. 

ZAP will also fund three organizations in its Zoological category: Utah’s Hogle Zoo, Tracy Aviary and The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

ZAP is a grant-making program that partially funds over 170 arts and cultural organizations. It also supports over 30 parks and recreation facilities. (read more)


The past 20 years
By Jim Martin | Wasatch Theatre Company

Wasatch Theatre Company is approaching its twentieth season, and it gives me pause to reflect on the journey we have been on since our inception in 1997.

Lots has changed since our first production of The Dining Room at the Jewett Center for the Performing Arts Lobby on the Westminster Campus.  For one, our expectations have changed drastically.  There’s a difference between being a 22-year old just out of college and loving to act and direct and being a 42-year old parent and elementary school principal.  I still love to act and direct but my time doesn’t allow for these things as freely as it did twenty years ago. (read more)

ZAP's Investment in Equity

ZAP's Investment in Equity
By Hilary Munger and Peter Gregory | Grantwell

For almost 20 years, Salt Lake County’s Zoo Arts and Parks, or “ZAP” Tax has helped fund community arts programs and neighborhood development projects within Salt Lake County, gathering and distributing millions of dollars each year to invest in its future and the futures of its citizens. 

Because everyone in the county collectively pays into the tax, it’s important that everyone in the county have equal access to the programs, projects, and other benefits made available through it. To make sure this is happening, Salt Lake County has recruited a team of eight graduate students studying Public Administration at Brigham Young University to perform a comprehensive equity audit of the tax: an evaluation of those who apply for and receive the grants the tax funds, and those in the community who access the benefits that result from those grants. (read more)

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