Sponsorship Overview

Memberships are the bread and butter of this industry association. Members who upgrade to be a sponsor of UCA will be able to have a direct say in our advocacy work, attend caucus events with us, and receive personalized economic data.

The Utah Cultural Alliance is making a positive difference in the arts community. We at Hale Centre Theatre have benefited tremendously from their advocacy. They are an impartial and educated trusted voice. It is my experience that theirs is an attitude of cultural abundance. Specifically, we feel they diligently work to elevate excellent artistic work across the state with no regard to favorites. Their work with nowplayingutah.com, legislative impact, and collecting economic impact data, continues to make life a little easier on our teams. It also ensures accurate and consistent data for all to utilize. We are fortunate to have such a highly qualified team leading the efforts of the UCA - their work enriches the community. Quinn Dietlein, Executive Director | Hale Centre Theatre

2022 Sponsors