SLUG Magazine's 28th Anniversary Issue!

SLUG Magazine's 28th Anniversary Issue!
Photo: Heidi M. Gress. // Models (L–R): Donat Mouélé, Ashtyn Beadles. // 
Wardrobe (L–R): Jumper – Davis Hong. Jacket/Skirt – McKell Maddox. // 
Hair and Makeup:Amber Pearson. // Location: The Clubhouse.

MAR. 3, 2017


Salt Lake City, Utah – SLUG Magazine’s 28th Anniversary Local Fashion Issue hit the streets this morning! The 339th issue is packed with sleek, elegant and modern designs alongside eclectic, over-the-top, bold-color looks, proving what we all already knew: Utah’s style game is on point. 

“Since 2013, SLUG has featured the monthly online-exclusive SLUG Style,” says SLUG Editorial Assistant Kathy Zhou. “The column highlights a distinct member of our community, giving voice not only to their personal style and expression, but also to their work, inspiration and aspirations. … I’m thrilled to see feature local designer Ayana Ifè for March’s Local Fashion print issue.”

          Ayana Ifè // Photo: @clancycoop                           Tailor Cooperative // Photo: Scott Frederick

This month’s editorial coverage includes local favorites like Tailor Cooperative and Project Kuya. On top of that, we’re featuring Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade and the one of the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art’s newest exhibitions; Art on Violence: The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be.

In celebration of our 28th anniversary, SLUG has given our legendary parties with a fashion flair! Twenty-eight local designers will come together at The Depot on Saturday, March 25, for a one-of-a-kind fashion show. Each designer will showcase a look that coincides with a year from SLUG’s history for a one-night-only experience. 

For more information, contact:

Angela Brown, Executive Editor, [email protected]

John Ford, Community Development Manager, [email protected]

Kelly Rose Stika, Events Coordinator, [email protected]

About SLUG Magazine: SLUG, an acronym for SaltLakeUnderGround, delivers an honest journalism alternative to mainstream coverage of music, art, lifestyle and events. SLUG distributes 30,000 issues monthly across the state of Utah and receives an average of 81,000 page views on, where SLUG publishes weekly, online-exclusive content. SLUG is a regional, free publication based in Salt Lake City and remains one of the oldest independent zines in the nation. SLUG adds value to lifestyle through our community engagement. SLUG Magazine is an affordable way for local and national businesses to advertise and market themselves to the 18 to 45 demographic.


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