SI Announces the Opening of the Uprise Grant Fund

As part of the Sundance Institute's (SI) continued commitment to supporting artists from communities of color, they have announced the launch of the Uprise Grant Fund. This is a need-based artist-support grant where need will be partially determined by the response to the pandemic impact question. To apply, please submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) here. Finalists will later be invited to submit a complete application. Uprise Grants range from $1K to $5K, and are unrestricted. This means that the funds may be used for applicants’ living expenses, project advancement, or general creative development. About 70% to 80% of grant funds in each round will be awarded to artists working in traditional film disciplines (prior work or current projects that are shorts, features and series, either fiction and nonfiction), and 20% to 30% will be awarded to artists working primarily in emerging media or theatre disciplines. Selected grantees can expect to receive funds by August 2021.

For any questions about this application, you may contact SI at [email protected] To request an accessibility accommodation related to completing this application, you may contact SI at [email protected]

Ernesto Balderas


Communications Director [email protected]