Attend Our Legislative Wrap Up Event

We saw a tremendous amount of support for the cultural industry during this legislative session. Join us on March 24 at 1 p.m. to hear from various speakers on what was accomplished and achieved during the 2021 General Session of the Utah Legislature and how it will affect the cultural industry in both the coming months and the next year. Some highlights include:

  • Securing $4 million in additional ongoing funding for the Utah Division of Arts and Museums (UA&M's) Arts and Museums Sustainability Grants
  • The passage of HB 242 - Ticket Reseller Amendment's to make selling tickets one does not actually possess fraud
  • Securing $250,000 in ongoing funding for two new positions at the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs

Be sure to come and hear about these efforts and more by registering today.

Ernesto Balderas


Communications Director [email protected]