NEWS: Pygmalion Theatre Company 2017 - 2018 Season Details

Pygmalion Theatre Company
2017 - 2018 Season
What you wanna know

Rose Exposed - August 26
The Resident Companies of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center collaborate on The Sky is Falling, an evening of music, dance and theater.


When PYG's Fly - September 16
Our annual peculiar fundraiser
The Weyward Sisters
by LL West 
November 3 - 18
Leandra, Skye and Fioon are witches . . . good witches, but witches nevertheless. They have been hired by Thomas Middleton to perform in a new play called MACBETH, that he's written in tandem with a playwright known to the witches as The Brad, aka Shakespeare. Before and after each scene in which they are featured, we see the 'weyward' (weird) sisters in their dressing room-the here and now. Not completely savvy to a theatre world-the out there-these three weird sisters grapple with how they fit into the fabric of the play . . . how they contribute to the telling of Macbeth's story . . . and if they should somehow alter the final conclusion.  
I and You 
by Lauren Gunderson 
February 2 - February 17
One afternoon, Anthony arrives unexpectedly at classmate Caroline's door bearing a beat-up copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, an urgent assignment from their English teacher. Homebound due to illness, Caroline hasn't been to school in months, but she is as quick and sardonic as Anthony is athletic, sensitive, and popular. As these two let down their guards and share their secrets, this seemingly mundane poetry project unlocks a much deeper mystery that has brought them together. I and You is an ode to youth, life, love, and the strange beauty of human connectedness.

Red Bike 
by Caridad Svitch 
April 20 - May 5
So, it's like this: you're eleven years old, you live in a small town and the times are dark, as they say. But you have a bike, a bike you love, a bike that makes you dream about a world bigger than the one you live in. One day you take a ride through the outer edges of your town and something goes awry. Let's call it an accident. Let's say it causes you to see the world anew. Or maybe it
Or maybe it just causes you to see the world for what it truly is 
 just causes you to see the world for what it truly is. -- Caridad Svitch
Season tickets go on sale August 1

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