Let’s PULL TOGETHER to get rid of weeds!

What: The Ogden Nature Center’s Invasive Species Pull-a-Thon
When: Saturday, October 1, 2016 from 9 am – 3 pm
Where:  Ogden Nature Center, 966 W. 12th St., Ogden UT

The Ogden Nature Center is hosting an invasive species pull-a-thon – a friendly competition and fundraiser geared for people to join together to make a positive impact on the environment.  This event encourages community members and groups to protect the fragile environment of the Ogden Nature Center by learning about invasive species, gaining plant identification skills and pulling invasive plants.  Come out and PULL TOGETHER.

How it Works:

1.    Form a team and nominate a group leader
2.    Fill out a group form at
3.    After receiving your groups’ packet, distribute pledge forms to each group member.
4.    Ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you for your pulling efforts.
5.    Show up at the Ogden Nature Center on October 1st anytime between 9 am – 3 pm to dig some weeds!
6.    Gather sponsor pledges and return money to the Ogden Nature Center by  October ___.
Half of the money earned will go to your group and the other half will be put towards habitat restoration efforts at the Ogden Nature Center.

Why are we pulling?

Several invasive plants, such as Dyer’s Woad, Houndstongue, Burdock and many thistles, are taking over the native meadows and fields at the Ogden Nature Center – and in other wild areas across the state.  These plants crowd out native grasses and wildflowers and provide little to no value for wildlife.  Come help us squash these pesky invaders so we can protect the beautiful wildlife and environment at the Ogden Nature Center for everyone to enjoy!