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August 3, 2017

UMOCA Presents Jason Manley's Shrinking Room
Salt Lake City, UT - The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) is thrilled to present Jason Manley's sociological exhibition, Shrinking Room.

Shrinking Room is a monumental, wood sculpture that merges architectural form with text to address issues of wealth inequality. This sculpture originated from Manley's interest in developing a project related to the acute angles forming the architecture of the UMOCA building, specifically the corner of his (A-I-R) studio space.
While exploring this distinct spatial dynamic, Manley connected the psychological impact of the tightness of this corner space to a statistical graphic produced by the UCSC sociology department. The pie chart shows that 80% of Americans share only 7% of the total financial wealth in the U.S. Manley then set out to construct a sculptural interpretation of the 7% slice by translating these proportions into a physical form. 

Shrinking Room
 incorporates 25 quotes by activists, philosophers, artists and writers spanning various points in history to present day, all of which assert opposition to greed, class inequality and oligarchical societies. Through various additive and subtractive woodworking methods, the quotations were carved and formed to produce lattice-screens. The sculpture was created with used pallet boards, and transforms these everyday objects used for transporting goods with digital design and computer controlled fabrication. The raw, weathered wood is contrasted by machine-cut font and hints at economical tensions between labor and technology, or divisions between production and capital. 
This exhibition will also open alongside Cities of Conviction in the Main and Codec Galleries, Jaime Salvador Castillo and Michael Anthony García's whereABOUTS in the Ed. Space and Al Ahad's The Hijab Project in the Ed. Space.
About the Artist
Jason Manley creates drawings, sculptures and public artworks that challenge functionalism and commercialization in the built environment. He repurposes industrial materials such as concrete, steel and found objects for poetic means of expression and to explore the myriad effects of language on the physical design of things and places. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including recent solo exhibitions at Valerie Lambert Gallery in Brussels, Museum of Public Fiction in Los Angeles, and CUAC in Salt Lake City. His temporary and permanent public art projects have been displayed in California, Kansas and Nebraska. An MFA graduate of the University of Arizona, he has been an artist-in-residence at the Skowhegan School of Art, the Bemis Center of Contemporary Art and Illinois State University. His artwork has been written about and published in Artforum, LA Weekly, Design Bureau and Artillery. He has received grants from the Pollock Krasner Foundation, Arizona Commission of the Arts, and a Lindquist Fellowship award from Weber State University. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Art, Head of Sculpture, in the Department of Visual Art and Design at Weber State University.
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