You may be interested in this petition about art electives in the Canyon School District.

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January 17th at 5:00 pm-
Meeting with voting is at 7:00 pm. 
9361 South 300 East - We need to be at BOTH.

Serious decisions regarding the electives and art programs in Canyons School District are being made right now. Middle Schools throughout the district including: Draper Park, Butler and Albion Middle Schools are having electives side-lined.

The issue has arisen because the State Board of Education will be adding two required classes to the sixth and eighth grade curriculum: a College & Career Readiness course (sixth grade), and a Digital Literacy course (eighth grade). Naturally this poses challenges to middle school administrators across the state, as they are faced with how to accommodate this requirement and still provide a balanced curriculum for their students. At these middle schools the administrations and school community councils (SCC) have voted to move forward with an adapted six period schedule.