Performing Arts Organizations/Teachers to Table and or to Panel at Film Screening @ SLC (Dec 3)

Decembers Utah Pacific Island Film Screening is a documentary from the lowest performing school in Hawaii and the poorest
of Hawaii pulled together as a community and sent there High School Performing arts class to the Fringe in Europe wish
was unheard of, not Nanakuli High School so I'd to see if there are any Performing Arts Group and Teachers of all Performing
Arts free or for pay (but remember this is a low income area Charter School) would like to table and or to be on the Panel
after the Film. To cover performing arts options in our City to either take their children and families to, what options are there
to get children/youth involved in lessons and why the arts are connected to helping children do better in their academics.
Another subject I'd like to hit on the panel is career paths in Performing Arts in very simple terms for parents to understand,
for many it will be the 1st time parents have heard the language of anything past the performer, stage hand and janitor.
If any of you would like to preview the film please let me know and I will send you the link and the code.
Any thoughts you may have for organizations to table, performing arts teachers and panelists please let me know. Is there
a place to access UCA's membership? This is going to take engaging people that can speak in basic terminology.

Thank you so much for any of your ideas and thoughts.
Susi Feltch-Malohifo'ou
Pacific Island Knowledge 2  Action Resources (PIK2AR)
Executive Director

Kava Talks
Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month
SLC Pacific Island Business Alliance
Utah Pacific Island Film Series
Pacific Island Womens Mutual Empowerment Support Group
PEAU, Pasifika Enriching Arts of Utah, The Island Wave Podcast, Utah Podcasters United.

Building Alliances, Bridging Communities, Improving Economic Impact. Violence Prevention Outreach and Education for positive social change that Support Family & Cultural values, Promote Self-Reliance, Good Health, Charity and Community Involvement.  Preserve All Pacific Island Heritages promoting positive self identity and inclusiveness using culturally relevant messaging, tools, & resources.

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