PEA notes February 7, 2017

Public Education Appropriation 2/7/2017

Budget Review: Science Outreach

Moved to first on the agenda. Same at POPS program until 1996.

Began in 1970 with Hansen Planetarium to receive ongoing funding to provide education in the public schools

Three programs-Informal Science Education Enhancement Program (iSEE) 4 year grants $4.115,000

Provisional program $225,000

Integrated Student and New Facility Learning $50,000

Rep. Thurston-These used to be part of POPS?

Ben-Yes, they were combined until 1996. Idea was to separate them because of the programs and STEM education.

Rep Thurston-So we’ve set up a competition between Arts and Sciences

Ben-one issue in the Arts is that there are smaller organizations. Science has a more active provisional program than the arts

Sen Stephenson-When we separated the POPS and iSEE groups they have two very different missions, one was STEM and Science and the other to experience world class Arts performers.

This has enabled us to ensure that these world class museums to give kids hands-on experiences in science. We have more of this than any state in the nation. Be separating them out the groups have been able to collaborate more. They are integrated in to the curriculum for the different levels. Pre-and post-follow up and follows the core. With this and the STEM action center I think this is why our 8th graders rank 1st in Science.


-Science Outreach Presentation


8.      9:15 a.m.     State Board of Education – Discussion & Recommendations on Science Outreach

SBOE Dixon-Love to talk economy of scale. iSEE and POPS Programs are quite phenomenal. Museums and Outreach partners are best in the nation. Recommend you consider continued funding of these programs.

Rep. McCay-Why shouldn’t we merge these into the WPU.

Dixon-Economy of scale. contracting with individual schools/districts wouldn’t be able to afford the programs.  

McCay-Economies of scale. At the end of meeting we’ll pass out the RFA’s (Request For Appropriations).


Science Outreach Providers

Laurie Hopkins-DG Seth-CP

Thank Ben for introduction on iSEE. Celebrating our 10th anniversary. Nine members participating in the coalition. First full time job was 37 years ago doing the initial program you funded. PEA has generously funded the programs. Every year the challenge is to innovate. Number of students has gone up substantially. Deep level of penetration. iSEE covers every grade level with the exception of one which Laurie will talk about.

Laurie Hopkins DG-Proud to be a part of iSEE. Programs support STEM education. Two of the nine are requesting additional funding. DG been at Gateway for 10 years and providing programs for 40 years. iSEE grads 1-12. K has not been serviced in the past. 2015 received $10 seed money to develop and pilot a K curriculum. We have served 30 classrooms in Summit and SL counties. Ready to take the program statewide and serve 600 schools, $320,000. Like all iSEE programs, funding will be matched 1:1.

Sen. Iwamoto-Received so many emails requesting support. Grew up with HP and ZOO. On DG board, loved that whenever there is something happening. Very responsive to constituency. Helps children learn in a very specialized way.

Rep. Briscoe-Question for Seth. Utah is ranked 1st in the nation.

Seth-Utah’s 8th graders are #1. 4th graders are

Briscoe-lower left corner-Disclosure my wife work for the NHMU. These are the programs each organization provides and take around the state. In addition to the grade levels they provide on-site programs. I’m guessing somehow if DG expands you’ll get an email saying they’ll be in a district. You should go.

Rep. Arent-In the outreach programs, is there an issue with busses getting to your facilities?

Seth-our outreach programs are for schools more than 90 miles away to come to us. Title 1 schools have issues with bussing.

Laurie-Collectively the iSEE providers are servicing students both with outreach and on-site.

Arent-Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to bring those far-flung schools up to attend the science one day and arts the next day.

Seth-the planetarium has more modest request for funding to cover attendance. We covered the first year but are not able to continue covering the increased costs.


-Science Outreach Presentation

 Ben-Four page list requested by Exec Approp

Ongoing, one time, reallocations and restricted funds.

Requests will be heard Thursday, five minutes for each request. Most are sponsored by members of this committee.

Budget list items that are NOT on the list, contact Ben.

Final meeting is Monday the 13th at 4:10.


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