PEA 2.9.17

Public Education Appropriations 2/9/17

Links to budget requests and motions

ï  2a-Budget Requests [Revised]

ï  2b-Budget Motions [Revised]


Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (McCay)

Larry Shumway-Artworks for Kids-Combination of Public Ed, Higher Ed and the PEA. Family endowed professorships at 8 universities to provide support to teachers across the state. Last year $9.75 M matched 75% at local districts. Private funding from Sorenson foundation and endowments. Overwhelming research to support success of integrating arts in schools. 

Nedra Call (?)- NEBO district combo of funds hired 8 arts specialists, spend several weeks in the schools. The program is three-fold to 1- demonstrate 2-side by side teaching and 3-observe. Every student is receiving some art form every single day. 

Rep Arent-question, how many schools are participating? 

Larry 400 schools participating. Many are Title 1 schools. 

Rep Briscoe-You cannot put a price on the girl that puts her arm around her leg that she’s so excited to visit the NHMU or taking the program to them. 

(Note: they did not say what their request was)

iSEE – Increased Student Visits – Space Exploration (Briscoe)

Rep. Briscoe-Two years ago $100,000 was appropriated for 25,000 This year anticipate 40,000 students. 2014/15 71,000  students this year 99, 0000.

iSEE – Kindergarten Physics Education Program (Spendlove)

Laurie Hopkins-ED Discovery Gateway. Part of iSEE. K is not currently serviced. 2015 gave DG $10,000 seed to develop k curriculum. 30 classrooms with force and motion. Take the program statewide. Request $320,000 will match with private funding. Funding will support the Outreach Physics, Teacher resource, field trips. 

Rep McCay- At least a 1:1 match. 

Fine Arts Provisional Programs to POPS (Gibson)

Rep. Gibson-Big push to put things above the line. This is not one of those programs. 26, 500 teachers trained. Huge STEM supporter add the “A” for STEAM. iSEE program request as well. Not sure why it’s not ongoing but it’s not. 


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