PEA 2.13.17

PEAC notes, Feb 13:

20 motions were presented and all passed except #20
It was presented by Representative Fawson to move line item funding from lowering classroom size to WPU.
The funds in line item were weighted for younger classes. Moving it to WPU dilutes younger grade targeting, but is argued that the same focus could be held harmless by additional funds for districts affected.
This was never presented or debated before the last meeting and did not pass but will discussed during the summer.

There were two amendments to the proposed Ongoing budget requests and one time funds.
Gibson added the K-3 Early Literacy Program @1 million after 22 (BTS). 
The other motion did not pass.
POPS request is line 21 at full request $750,000 for Provisional groups.
BTS ALP on line 22 for 1,050,000
Arts Education did well as these items pass to Executive Appropriation Committee.

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