PEA 2.3.17


Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee

Friday, February 3, 2017, 8:00 a.m.

(notes taken by our lobbyist, Jayceen Walker)


Sen Hillyard-$280 million of new revenue. We’ll know more in two weeks. PEA gets half. 

Have to fund growth. $68 million with at least 2.5 % for growth. 

Identify some programs to drive the direction of the funds. 

Important component is teacher compensation. 

Children in school are preparing themselves for life skills 

Suicide prevention is important as well. 

Come up with a budget set with different levels. 

Revenues may be down and if they are we’ll have to look at cutting. 


Budget Review: Fine Arts Outreach

Ben Leishman-Program started in 1960 with the Utah Symphony

POPS-statewide outreach program. Free to students and teachers. Currently $3,871,000

4 year renewable grants

10 professional organizations

Organizations are required to match the funds and funds must be dedicated to the educational programs

State Board of Education -has a rule to clarify how the program works. 

Subsidy program $54,000 1 Organiztion Arts Inc.

Provisional program -$0 not in the budget for 2018

Receive annual grants after 3 years apply to board to move to POPS

Rep Arent-Question on match, does it from from the organizations or the schools? 

Ben-Answer: Organizations must find the funds not the schools districts

Sen. Stephenson-History POPS and iSEE were under one umbrella. Ten years ago they were bifurcated. He was down in BEDL and iSEE was presenting for refurbishing issues.

Ben-iSEE will present next Tuesday. Clark Planetarium and others receive funding for exhibits  etc., since iSEE providers offer dual roles. 

Sen. Stephenson-there is no other state that offers what Utah has with both POPS and iSEE.

Fully integrated in to the core curriculum. 

Sen. Hillyard-We used to have Glade Peterson come and sing. 



 10-Fine Arts Outreach


State Board of Education – Discussion & Recommendations on Fine Arts Outreach


Fine Arts Outreach Providers

Pamela Gee-UFO, Kassandra-Spyhop, Elliot-Timpanogos

Requesting an increase in funding for provisional groups (Spyhop, Timpanogos and Utah Film Center) for on-gong funding $750,000 to make it happen. One time finding would need to happen at the same amount. 



10-Fine Arts Outreach


Kassandra-funds seeking this year will allow the groups to expand state wide. 

Rep. Fawson-Can this program be paid for out of the WPU?

Elliott-Organizations can bring the state money to the table and get a better rate of return as match. 

Rep. Fawson-What percentage of our schools participate?

Kassandra-All schools are served over a three year period. 

Sen. Hillyard-What if you contact the school districts directly to find the funds for the program?

Elliot-If you put all money in WPU you’d raise $7 per child. We served Loa last year and if you did what you’re suggesting they couldn’t afford the program. My organization contracts with professional artists and the schools would not be able to afford the personnel. 

Rep. Fawson-I see the Senator’s point and use the LEA’s.  

Elliot-We know the LEA’s want the program. We have a statewide waiting list. Demand from organizations show they want the program.

Pam-We are a consortium of organizations so it would be confusing to the schools and districts. 

We want to make sure the services are rotated so all art forms are represented. 

Kassandra-We are able to leverage the state support which is key when we’re looking at equitable funding. 

Rep. Fawson-We should allow districts to have more control. 

Rep. Arent-I have watched this program since its inception. This is the day the kids don’t want to miss school. They care about what’s going on. To me, every dollar we put in pays incredible dividends.

Sen. Stephenson-The constitution rests with the SBOE and legislature for the education of the children in our state. It is then broken up in to administrative units and charter schools. It is wise to delegate that authority to the LEA’s in many instances but in providing these services it is wise for us to do so. The leverage of 2:1 or 3:1 is more valuable. To pass that on to the LEA’s is unwise. In 2008 when the economy tanked. The question was “Why protect the arts funding?” These are world class experiences that inspire our students to a higher value of life. 

I will defend the fact that we do this at the state level until the LEA’s come to us and say they want to do it themselves. 

Sen. Hillyard if we do nothing with the base budget the provisional programs will not be funded. 

Who decides who gets the funding?

Pam-the SBOE determines who gets the funding after bringing a panel together to vet the programs. 

Sen. Hillyard-When they move does the money go with them? 

Ben-if you’re in the provisional program and move to the POPS group that money stays in the provisional pool. 

Sen. Iwamoto-I commend Sen. Stephenson’s comments and had an experience at Universal Studios The people we interacted with attended SpyHop and other arts organizations presentations and that’s how they became involved in the arts and are using it as a career. 


ï  12b-SpyHop


ï  12c-Timpanogos


ï  12d-Utah Film Center

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