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ArtsU:Learn & Connect with the Arts Field—Anytime, Anywhere! Upcoming Live Web Events. 

What do I do with the Money?

A Financial Primer for Emerging Leader Networks, Art Collectives, and other Unincorporated Groups.


ArtsU:Learn & Connect with the Arts Field—Anytime, Anywhere!

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What’s New in ArtsU?

Upcoming Live Web Events





Twitter Chat (Monday, 8/1 8pm ET) TODAY!

Connect with experts in this field, learn the language of the work, and identify new ideas to inform your path forward. Use #ArtsEdChat and #TeacherCert to follow the conversation.



Jeff M. Poulin,

Arts Education Program Manager,

Americans for the Arts









What do I do with the Money?

A Financial Primer for Emerging Leader Networks, Art Collectives, and other Unincorporated Groups.

Virtual Conversation Series (Thursday, 8/18 3pm ET)

Whether it's event revenue, membership fees, or donations, running an unincorporated group requires you to track and manage money that isn't yours. What should you do with the money in order to keep in line with IRS rules and limit your liability? What are the rules for asking, accepting, and managing donations? What are you group's structural options?



Elaine Grogan Luttrull,

Founder of Minerva Financial Arts and Author of "Arts & Numbers"


Bridget Woodbury,

Co-chair of Emerging Arts Leaders DC, Membership Marketing Coordinator, Americans for the Arts








Arts Advocacy Best Practices with Stan Rosenberg:

How to Talk to Elected Officials

Live Webinar (Wednesday, 8/24 3pm ET)

Effective arts advocacy requires building strong relationships with decision makers who can champion the arts in your community. Join Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg as he guides arts advocates and supporters through his best practices and recommendations on how to effectively engage with elected officials and their staff.



Stan Rosenberg, Massachusetts

Senate President




Jay Dick,

Sr. Director of State and Local Government Affairs,

Americans for the Arts











BCA 10 Businesses in Action 2016

Live Webinar (Wednesday, 9/7 3pm ET)

Each year the BCA 10 honors ten businesses that have been exceptional partners with the arts. These companies set the standard of excellence and serve as role models for other businesses to follow. Hear directly from 2016 honorees–Dogfish Head Brewery, Austin Energy, and Johnson & Johnson–about why they partner with the arts and learn how to create successful partnerships with the businesses in your community.








Cultural Tourism: Funding, Measurements and Why

Virtual Conversation (Thursday, 9/8 3pm ET)


Cultural Tourism is an effective strategy for communities to strengthen their local economy and a part of making their city a cultural destination. Building on the conversation at the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in Boston, join us for an informative and lively discussion around the impact of cultural tourism and how to evaluate efforts.




Jonathon Glus,

President and CEO, Houston Arts Alliance


Sheri Chaney Jones, President & Founder, Measurement Resources Company


Ruby Lopez Harper, Director of

Local Arts Services,

Americans for the Arts







New Anytime Learning





Federal Arts Policy Summer Updates

Anytime Webinar

Quarterly federal updates for arts advocates on arts and arts education policy. This webinar series will educate attendees about recently passed federal bills, proposed federal legislation, provide a preview of what to expect in the next quarter, and discuss applicable advocacy opportunities that affect arts and arts education.





Narric W. Rome,

Vice President of Government Affairs and Arts Education

Americans for the Arts

Kate McClanahan, Director of Federal Affairs

Americans for the Arts










Local Arts Agencies in America:

2015 LAA Census Results

Anytime Webinar

In this webinar, participants will explore the 2015 LAA Census results and get tips on how to use the data to help your organization's efforts.






Randy Cohen,

Vice President of Research and Policy, Americans for the Arts












Winning Websites

Anytime Webinar

Optimizing your website for your customer doesn't have to mean a complete redesign. We'll take a look at data showing how people interact with websites as well as case studies of successful design to help you adjust your website for maximum usability. You'll also learn what Google Analytics data you should be looking at regularly to determine the efficacy of your website.






Ceci Dadisman, President,

Cardinal + Company










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