SUU Alum Releases New Album

CEDAR CITY, Utah — A recent graduate of the Master of Music Technology program at
Southern Utah University, Nicholas Villalobos and his musical group Simply Three welcomed a
successful release of their first original album “Undefined” in September. The album includes 14
high-energy tracks that embody the diverse and technical musical style that has come to be
expected of the trio.

Simply Three is best known for their covers of a variety of artists including Adele, Katy Perry,
Gershwin, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, and many more. These string trio covers in combination
with unique and imaginative music videos have garnered quite a following with their videos
reaching upward of 20 million views on Youtube. The group includes Villalobos on the bass,
Glen McDaniel on the violin, and Zack Clark on the cello.
Villalobos was a part of the program's first graduating cohort of students. The MMMT program
is the first of its kind in Utah and the first in the United States to be offered online. The program
is project based and designed for musicians who wish to use technology to enhance and expand
their current skillset as a performer, educator, composer or technician. The creation of
“Undefined” was a capstone project for Villalobos.
“In the case of Nick Villalobos, he was already experiencing significant success in the music
industry, but needed additional technical skills so that he could better guide his career, and have
more confidence in working with the audio and video professionals who help Simply Three craft
their music, and their image,” said Dr. Steven Meredith, director of the MMMT program. “By
working with the faculty in the MMMT program, Nick was able to gain that missing technical
training and experience.”
Simply Three went on tour for the first time beginning in October to showcase their new album.
They will be performing at 25 locations all over the United States. Their album is available for
streaming or purchase on several websites including iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.