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New from NASAA
October 6, 2016

We'd like to let you in on the latest and greatest items of interest from NASAA. You'll find these resources valuable in an abundance of ways!
  • State Policies & Programs Addressing Diversity highlights scores of ways in which state arts agencies are addressing diversity, equity and inclusion in their planning, operations, funding, services and partnerships.
  • Changing Demographics Video documents a NASAA web seminar that explored our nation's fluctuating demographic landscape and its bearing on arts constituencies.
  • SAAs Create More Equitable Access to the Arts is an infographic showing how state arts agencies help communities—regardless of location or relative wealth—realize educational, economic and civic benefits by distributing their support broadly.
And especially for advocates:
  • Who's Who in Government Arts Funding is a new advocacy tool laying out the basics about what is invested in the arts at the federal, state and local levels, who benefits, and NASAA resources that help you make the case.
  • NASAA 2016 State Legislative Roundup highlights more than 60 bills considered by state legislatures this year that are pertinent to arts organizations and constituencies.
Read NASAA Notes to stay abreast of the latest arts policy news, including useful research and resources curated especially for arts leaders. To subscribe, contact Communications ManagerSue Struve.
Explore the NASAA website and our Facebook page for more resources to assist your support of the arts!

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