News: Are you interested in partnering with ZAP this summer?

Learn about our new Passport Program & how your organization can get involved.

Kids Passport Program
Coming Summer 2017

In partnership with Salt Lake County Library's successful Summer Reading Program*, our ZAP Ambassadors Team is creating a Kids Summer Passport Program for Summer 2017. We hope to engage children and families with ZAP recipient organizations by encouraging them to explore the world of arts and culture in their own community. While in its early stages, we are searching for organizations that are interested in being a "destination" for the children who participate in the program. 

As a "destination," your organization
  • Would be included on a list of participating organizations given to participants 
  • Will need to be able to "stamp" a participant's passport (with a stamp, sticker or signature)
  • Will need to "train" staff or volunteers on the program so they can stamp passports
  • Does not need a physical location but would need to have programming or performances in the summer for children
If you are interested in partnering with us for this program (or if you have questions), fill out this form. You can also provide us with feedback as we develop this project. This form is an initial inquiry only. ZAP Ambassadors will work with you directly to solidify partnerships.

We look forward to working with you to build the arts, culture, zoological and botanical explorers of the future!

*The Salt Lake County Summer Reading Program reached 55,000 people last summer. 
Kids Summer Passport Partnership Inquiry Form

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