When May 27, 2022 at 8:00pm 19 days 3 hrs 59 mins
Contact New Sheriff in Town [email protected]

From the creators of our 2021 smash hit, Becoming A Bona Fide Bad Guy, Pickleville proudly presents our brand-new, rip-roarin', modern musical melodrama: New Sheriff In Town! When two mismatched brothers inherit a rundown local saloon, fixing the leaky roof isn't their only problem. Their business seems to be a hotspot for heists, hold-ups, and all sorts of outrageous outlaw tomfoolery. To top it all off -- there's an incompetent new female sheriff in town who "ain't doin' nothin' about it"! Bereft and vengeful, the brothers determine to take matters into their own hands. Enlisting the help of the blundering sheriff, they begin hunting down each and every wanted criminal who has wronged them in pursuit of the reward money for their capture or demise. The tables turn quickly as something starts smelling fishy along their quest. Filled with loads of fresh music, a barrel of belly laughs, and a plot-twist that will leave you gasping for days, this hysterical and heartfelt production is sure to be the highlight of your family's summer!