When September 25, 2022 at 4:00pm 2 hrs
Contact Mothers Of Mayhem at Park Silly Sunday Market [email protected]

Have you ever seen four women in vintage dresses and heels cranking out hits from bands like Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and Nirvana? After you see the Mothers of Mayhem play, they will be all you can talk about. Whether you are out with your family or partying with your friends you will be blown away by their talent, energy, and professionalism. Mothers of Mayhem are sure to change your perceptions about the music scene and motherhood. In the two short years that Mothers of Mayhem have been together, they have performed in front of thousands, at impressive venues such as the Dejoria Center, Utah Arts Festival, The Wave, and the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival. They have also appeared on Fox13, and have been interviewed for newspaper articles, podcasts, and more.