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Mixed media group exhibit; photographs by Marnae Rathke

Opening night reception: Friday, July 15, 6-9 pm

Exhibit dates: July 15 - August 12




Group mixed-media exhibit curated by Angela Broadbent

Using a combination of material and craft, along with life experience and passion, six artists come together to create a nomenclature, or system, that becomes their “voice” or their own “mother tongue.” 

Participating artists:

Angela Broadbent
Blaine Atwood
Nathan Clark
Brian Christensen
Rebecca Klundt
Janna Seibert

Above artwork by Nate Clark




Marnae Rathke explores the relationship between photography and physics and how objects and ideas exist within and between the definitions of "embody" and "disembody".

By overexposing her digital images, Rathke creates white voids and transparency, allowing her to eliminate recognizable space, creating uncertainty and forcing a relationship between the fragments she pieces together and what the mind knows.