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  • Disney's When You Wish

    Through the imaginative perspective of a young child, Disney’s When You Wish takes you on an enchanted journey through popular Disney classics including Mary Poppins, Tarzan, Aladdin, Moana, and many more surprises! Whether swinging through the jungle or soaring through the sky on a magic carpet, the adventures in this musical never stop as you journey deep into Walt Disney’s classic film vault. Watch with awe and delight as over 71 years of your favorite Disney songs and characters come to life on stage in this musical spectacular!

  • Dance Conservatory

    See website for details

  • Plein Air Competition

    • Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 08:00 AM – August 30, 2019
    • Spring City in Spring City, UT

    Artists must paint on location within Sanpete County. This event is open to any artist who paints using plein air techniques, in all fine art painting mediums (oils, acrylics, gouaches, watercolors, pastels or pencils).

  • Ancient Skies Through Ancient Eyes Exhibit

    Ancient Skies Through Ancient Eyes is a photographic exhibition by Mr. Bob Maynard. The exhibition opens to the public March 23, 2019, and features a selection of photographs from Maynard’s book on archeaoastronomy and night photography in the desert Southwest. Ancient Skies Through Ancient Eyes takes you on an exciting discovery of the unexpected abundance of ancient rock art and ruins in and around the Colorado Plateau of the American Southwest. It examines rock art styles and delves into ways the ancient ones used rock art panels and architecture to mark the passing of time and the seasons. The exhibition will run until October 31, 2019. Bob Maynard is a national award-winning photographer who founded Colorado Plateau Photo Tours in 2009. As a resident of Boulder, Colorado, he has held federal permits in sixteen national parks, national monuments, or BLM areas and has led workshops in 9 states. Nearly one thousand photographers have used his services. He and his wife, Cindy, have published two books, A Photographer’s Guide to Colorado’s National Parks and Monuments, and Ancient Skies Through Ancient Eyes.


    A Survey of Contemporary Photography in Utah July 18, 2019 through January 12, 2020 Since its invention, photography has played a role in constructing and projecting Utah’s identity. Yet the most prominent images often reflect government and corporate interests, from the nineteenth-century promotion of Manifest Destiny to today’s marketing of the outdoor recreation industry. While our beloved landscapes­­­—unique, vast, and varied—are a deep source of pride, they represent only part of what Utah is as a place and people. DE | MARCATION, a limited-edition portfolio surveying the work of Utah contemporary photographers, challenges traditional notions of the West and highlights the state’s complexity. Produced in 2018, the portfolio reflects Utah’s increasing cultural diversity with the majority of its twenty contributing photographers being born outside of Utah, and five outside the United States. Utah’s remarkable and (popular, or often photographed?) landscape does resonate in the works, but it plays a supporting role to gender and power studies, to the investigation of the built environment, and to documentary and conceptual performance practices—all aspects of (recent, or contemporary?) global photographic inquiry. More than a physical object, the unique portfolio represents a generous act of building and supporting community. DE | MARCATION is the brainchild of artist Amy Jorgensen, executive director of Granary Arts and the head of photography at Snow College. Jorgensen and artist Ed Bateman, University of Utah associate professor of photography and digital imaging, involved a network of artists and arts professionals from across the state and beyond to communally determine the content and scope of the portfolio. For instance, the U’s Book Arts Program played a key role with Red Butte Press, the program’s letterpress publishing imprint, producing the portfolio’s non-photographic materials including its bespoke clamshell box. Many voices had input in shaping DE | MARCATION, and the very act of creation galvanized a community by recognizing a photographic strength and uniting creative networks. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is honored to extend the project’s spirit of generosity and community building by acquiring and exhibiting the significant work. DE | MARCATION is emblematic of our thriving creative community, but it also presents a de-centered understanding of place, one that is multifaceted and inextricably connected to a globalized world. Within the UMFA’s collection, this insightful snapshot of ideas and attitudes will yield information and inspire creativity for visitors, students, researchers, and artists for a long time. Artists included in the portfolio include: Kimberly Anderson, Christine Baczek, David Baddley, Edward Bateman, David Brothers, Van Chu, Samuel Davis, Daniel George, Haynes Goodsell, Mark Hedengren, Amy Jorgensen, Natalie Kirk, Karalee Kuchar, Carsten Meier, Bernard C. Meyers, Andrew Patteson, Kim Raff, Nancy E. Rivera, Fazilat Soukhakia, and Josh Winegar  

  • Power Couples: The Pendant Format in Art

    A pair of iconic tabletop seasonings. Secret lovers. Well-heeled newlyweds. Gothic churches. Iconic landscapes. Kittens. Power Couples: The Pendant Format in Art explores works of art conceived as pairs and examines how timeless pairings from sixteenth-century Europe to contemporary Utah illuminate of-the-moment ideas.   Curator of European, American, and regional art Leslie Anderson conceived and organized the exhibition, the first of its kind devoted to a comprehensive look at the pendant format and the artistic strategies at play in such works. Drawing chiefly from the Museum’s dynamic collection, Power Couples explores how artists have used the pendant format across media, cultures, and time periods to explore gender roles and social status; to present moments of before-and-after, cause-and-effect and departure-and-return; and to compare and contrast familiar stories and ideas.   Visitors are encouraged to engage with these concepts through a variety of in-gallery experiences such as dressing up to create your own pendant, a magnet board that allows you to change and disrupt the gender roles of Barthel Bruyn the Younger’s Portrait of a Gentleman andPortrait of a Lady (ca.1555–1565), and more.   Visitors will find new acquisitions, perennial favorites and rarely seen, recently conserved objects of European, American and Asian art as well as select loans from other museums in a variety of mediums: paintings, prints, sculpture, photographs and video art.   Sponsors Support for Power Couples is provided by curatorial sponsor Marriner S. Eccles Foundation, conservation sponsor Ann K. Stewart Docent Conservation Fund, and programming sponsor Carolyn & Kem Gardner.   Admission Entrance to Power Couples is included in the price of general admission. Admission is free the first Wednesday and third Saturday of each month. See umfa.utah.edu/visit for details.  

  • Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure - Salt Lake City

    • Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 10:00 AM – September 24, 2019
    • Union Pacific Depot in Salt Lake City, UT
    Solve clues and complete challenges while you have fun seeing the sights of Salt Lake City. Enjoy this #1 rated activity 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset. Sign up at UrbanAdventureQuest.com.

    Turn Downtown Salt Lake, Temple Square and the Capitol Building into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure. Combine the excitement of the Amazing Race with a three-hour city tourGuided from any smart phone, teams make their way among well known and overlooked gems of the city, solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history.
    Available 365 days a year, sunrise to sunset.  Start when you want and play at your pace. Save 20% – Only $39.20 for a team of 2-5 people after Promotion Code: NPUTAH. Sign up online at www.UrbanAdventureQuest.com.

  • Summer Residency of Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian

    • Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 10:00 AM – September 08, 2019
    • Cottonwood Heights in Salt Lake City, UT
    Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian is the 9th generation of his family to play the South Indian classical instrument of the Veena professionally. He is a world renowned performer, composer, and educator of the Veena.

    Nitya Nritya Foundation is pleased to announce the summer residency of Vina Vidwan Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian from 1st July 2019 to September 10th 2019. Dr. Subramanian is a 9th generation Vina player who trained under his grand uncle and adoptive father, the legendary Karaikudi Vinai Sambasiva Iyer. Dr. Subramanian has had an illustrious career as a Vina player, composer, educator and researcher. An alumnus of Wesleyan Univeristy where he received his doctorate in Ethnomusicology, he returned to India to assume a Professorship of Music at the prestigious Department of Music, University of Madras. He retired in 2002 to focus on his own institution, Brhaddhvani Reasearch and Training Center for Musics of the World. Dr. Subramanian’s contributions in music are multi-dimensional. Through Brhaddhvani, he has developed programs that benefit learners ranging from novice to expert. His unique pedagogical system, COMET (Correlative Objective Music Education and Training) has made Carnatic music education accessible to schools and villages in Southeast India, and it is gaining momentum in the area of music therapy. We have invited Dr. Subramanian so that local students and practitioners of dance and music are able to benefit from this integrated approach to learning to further inform the pursuit of their chosen art form. Some of the musicians he has worked with spring from the varied backgrounds such as Irish, Western Classical, Brazilian, Jazz, and Japanese. Though Dr. Subramanian is a Carnatic musician, he has, through Brhaddhvani, collaborated with several artistic disciplines and across genres. We believe his broad understanding of world musics will broaden the horizons of local students and artists in invaluable ways.

  • Roots of Peace - 'Mines To Vines' Museum Exhibit

    This exhibit will introduce the scourge and consequences of landmined countries, and educate the public as to how an organization like Roots of Peace can remove, rebuild and reimagine the land for cultivation of indigenous agriculture.

    Roots of Peace will open an extraordinary exhibit at the Leonardo Museum, debuting in the Human Rights Gallery, August 25th, 2019, and will run through December 2019. Introducing the patrons to the scourge of landmines and the devastation caused by  60 million leftover ordinance from war,  these cancers  wreak havoc on the most marginalized populations, mostly small shareholder farmers. Over 100,000 individuals, many of them children, have been victims of landmine explosions since the end of the war in Vietnem in April 1975. The exhibit will describe in detail through many mediums the historical background of of landmines, and how Roots of Peace partners with several organizations for the painstaking removal of them. The founder of Roots of Peace, Ms. Heidi Kuhn began this work in 1997, after the untimely death of Princess Diana, who brought this issue to the global forefront. For 22 years Roots of Peace has not only worked to remove the scourge of landmines and to relieve much suffering, but rebuilds and assists small shareholder farmers to cultivate beautiful orchards and vines for the sustainable best practices in farming. Learn how one organization has made a difference in tens of thousands of families lives, and how you can be inspired to do the work of sustainable peace in your own sphere of influence.

  • The Mighty West

    Join Anne Jespersen Fine Arts for a wild adventure... The Mighty West!

    Join Anne Jespersen Fine Arts in celebration of The Mighty West! An exhibition of Utah’s finest Artists. August 17, 2019 The Mighty West Opening Reception from 4 pm – 9 pm Anne Jespersen Fine Arts 167 South Main St., Helper UT 84526 In conjunction with the 25th Annual Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival on Helper’s Main Street from 10 am – 9 pm.