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August 31, 2017






Salt Lake City-based two person creativity support group 3 Irons has commissioned international street artist Vexta to create a five-story tall mural in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, adding to the vibrant arts corridor that spans from The Gallivan Center to The Eccles Theater. Vexta, a native-Australian, is a renowned street and gallery artist, with art on public display worldwide from Sweden to Mexico. With her sights now set on Salt Lake, Vexta has planned a not-yet-titled mural incorporating her trademark bright stenciled colors, Utah's native-species flammulated owl, and salt crystals. To tackle the project the artist will use 60- and 80-foot boom lifts and a projector.


“Salt Lake City is making major investments into the downtown cultural map, most recently with Downtown Alliance’s announcements around the new Cultural Core. We are so happy to add this large-scale mural to our beloved city, which will be highly visible from State Street and Gallivan Plaza.” said Creative Producer, Steven Labrum of 3 Irons. “We hope that this will become an example for many more private investments into our art-cityscape.”


The artwork will be completed over two weeks—Vexta will arrive in Salt Lake on September 3rd and anticipates completion by September 14. Media availability with Vexta and 3 Irons is available, as well as photography and b-roll opportunities of the mural itself. This project is a vision of 3 Iron's 50 Irons project and would not be possible without the support of building owner, local real estate developer, entrepreneur and art-lover Andy Renfro.


What: Vexta Street Art
When: September 6-14
Where: 150 S. State Street, SLC, UT 84111


About 3 Irons: 3 Irons, a "two person creativity support group," was started by two friends, Joy Haynes and Steven Labrum, who were seeking to exercise their creative muscles by doing small tasks such as writing, visual arts, or consuming live art performance. The idea for the name "3 Irons" came from the concept of always having 'irons in the fire'. Three at a time seemed like a reasonable amount to be working on. As the successive projects continued to grow in scope, and the enjoyment also escalated, a crazy idea was hatched: The 50 Irons Project—a year-, and 50 project-, long adventure.


About Vexta: Vexta is a self-taught street artist from Sydney Australia with a bohemian heritage. Her bold and extravagant artworks have invaded our visual landscape from Melbourne to Mexico and everywhere in between, she is a nomad of our modern times. Viewing the world through her psychedelic kaleidoscope, Vexta reinterprets the sacred elements within science, cosmology, mythology, life/death and the feminine navigating these themes through the common threads that bind our experiences. The traditional totems of non-western culture have since become her inspiration to describe what it is to exist in the contemporary world. Juxtaposing animals and human forms amid her symbolic, geometric shards, she provides an insight into our fundamental engagement with the human condition.


Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Vexta spreads her vision across the continents and countries, studios and streets, balancing exhibitions, commissions and creative ventures alike. She has exhibited extensively across Australia, Europe and North America, including The National Gallery of Australia and has her work held in numerous public, academic and private collections globally.

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