Marketing & Development Coordinator Davis Arts Council, Inc. (until filled)


Salary: $24,000/year (basically $18.00/hr)
Job Description: Marketing & Development Coordinator

The Davis Arts Council (Layton, UT)—look us up, we’re pretty rad—is looking for a Marketing & Development Coordinator. Before going any further, let’s just get this out of the way right now: this is a new position so you must have a sense of humor and a proclivity for patience. It is also a great opportunity to make your mark in and for the arts (while still maintaining a life outside of work—hint, hint but more on that later).

WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT? We are an expanding and creative non-profit in need of an innovative and clever type who can help promote the Davis Arts Council (DAC). Our hope is that you can help us with branding, cohesive messaging, and concise, audience-specific writing and can do so with a sense of humor and a smile. We need someone who can develop relationships with radio stations, newspapers, television networks, and outdoor media and can manage the buying of your incredibly ingenious ads all while securing as much earned media as possible! We need you to oversee our website and ensure it is to-the-second current while composing important yet entertaining e-blasts to send to our mailing lists (do not fret if you do not know HTML coding—however, you should at least know what it is you don’t know, a bit of training on WordPress will do the rest). On the development side, we have a bundle of wonderful sponsors and donors who need to be maintained through an up-to-date and accurate database (yes, you will need to utilize your right and left brain) so you need to have a firm desire for order. You will work closely with our Director of Marketing & Development (who is beautiful and talented, by the way, and may have written this paragraph—although her boss is correcting the grammatical errors therein… with tenderness and a gentle hand). Together, the two of you will explore new grant opportunities; increase annual giving; create a planned giving program; execute fun, fiscally-fruitful fundraising forays (we appreciate alliteration in this office); and develop close relationships with corporate sponsors and partners. So, there’s the meat of the job… but we really need a jack-of-all-trades because every day you will assist our Patron Services Manager in the box office both at the office AND at our performance venues. The day-to-day duties of box office/reception will include talking to our wonderful patrons on the phone, selling tickets to and/or answering detailed questions about DAC’s events, and anything else that makes DAC a successful, joyful, vibrant organization. Can’t you just see all the irresistible ways you’ll get to use your brain, share your talents, and hone your already-finely-crafted skills!?! And on most days, you only have five hours to do it all (you heard correctly: 5, FIVE, CINCO, a fiver (the one with Lincoln’s face), a couple plus a few, half a dozen minus one, a score divided by four, OKAY…you get it, but again, more on that later). 

A TYPICAL NON-TYPICAL DAY For example: this is the type of job where you might need to brainstorm with the DAC Executive Director and Director of Marketing & Development about building our brand, then after updating our donor database with the new sponsorship you just helped score the day before you’re schlepping programs and ticketing materials over to the Kenley Amphitheater because we have a concert the same night. This would be the same workday where you purchased radio ads, you’ve already kindly chatted on the phone and listened to Auntie Mary who is so excited about next week’s Free Sunday Night Concert, and you’ve wrapped up your day with changing the landing page on our website, counting the night’s cash box with the Patron Services Manager, and running the cars we borrowed for artist transportation back to the dealership (it’s midnight by now).

IS THIS JOB FOR YOU? So, hopefully you’ve got a clear picture that we all have our own job responsibilities but we all do everything. The most important thing about this job is that we are like a small family. With only seven of us on staff, it’s critical you fit into our unique environment. As a non-profit, we depend upon the generosity of others to keep the cogs in motion and like nearly every other charitable organization out there we’re not the richest business in the world but what we lack in salary, we make up for in TIME (hmmm, these cryptic messages about schedule must be very intriguing—either that, or incredibly frustrating).

• Smiling, laughing, and helping others;
• The English Language;
• Counting and math (well, fifth-grade math anyway);
• Keeping things orderly; 
• The almighty P.C. and the programs that reside therein; 
• Helping your fellow man, woman, and child; 
• The Arts (especially music).

• If you are schooled and/or have real-world experience in communications, marketing, public relations, and/or any component of a non-profit development operation.
• You are NOT looking for a transitional job (until you finish school, until your kids are grown, until something bigger comes along). On the contrary, you are looking to settle with a swell little non-profit, whose mission you can get behind and make a go of it for a while—trial period notwithstanding.
• You enjoy being creative and organized in the very same day. 
• You’ve never said to a boss or co-worker, “that’s not in my job description.”
• You don’t get flustered easily, you are patient, level-headed, and cool under pressure. You’re chill when you need to be and stern when you need to be. “I’ve totally got this,” is one of your mantras.
• You are detail-oriented. You pay attention and stay focused, nothing falls through the cracks while you’re in charge!
• You have a keen eye and sense of language and grammar and writing style (for instance, when a font changes in the middle of a document—for no reason—it really, REALLY bugs).
• You know any or all of the Adobe Creative Suite apps (apps are what us old-timers used to call “Software Programs”).  you are now our hero
• You can find something productive to do when things become mind-numbingly boring, quiet, and dull—although, there should be very few days of mind-numbing boredom when you are only working 5 hours per day (there’s that number again—didn’t we say this was a fulltime job? Hold tight, you’re almost there.) 
• No matter how small or menial the request from your Executive Director, you act like it’s the most important thing you’ve ever been asked to do (not in a patronizing way, of course, in a genuinely kind way) and you can’t wait to help him with it. We added this so he would sign off on the job description, but, yeah, it’s still important.

LET’S GET DOWN TO BRASS TACKS, HOW MUCH ARE WE GOING TO PAY YOU? This position will be fulltime (25 hours weekly). Wait, WHAT? Fulltime usually means 40 hours (8 to 5, with an hour lunch every single day, right!?!) Not around here it doesn’t. You get paid a fulltime wage, including benefits, however, our office hours are 9am to 2pm, Monday through Friday. Crazy, right? So, this is what we have been hinting about for nearly two pages. In order for life to still be in your life, we will give you all the joys and love of fulltime employment for 25 hours per (most) weeks. Now, you’re still expected to do a fulltime-as-though-you-were-working-forty-hours-per-week-for-anyone-else job load, but you have to be focused and organized and really working during those 5 hours daily…and then come 2pm, the rest of the day is yours! Unless you need more time, in which case you’ll stay after school in detention (which is really just your office, to find a few extra hours to get your work done). The other key here is that you will need to understand our seasonal-adjustments. During the summer we have about 15 paid performances; 13 free Sunday performances and now, about 13 free evenings of film—so, during the summer (and here-and-there during the off-summer months), you will work more than 25 hours per week. But you’ll be so ready for that because of how much gym time, family time, art class time, piano-lesson-teaching time, meditation time that you’ve accrued during most every day of the work-year. We’ll chat more about this should we be lucky enough to be able to interview you. 
• Although not exempt, this position is salaried at $24,000 per year (which roughly translates to around $18.00 per hour on most days)
• Cell phone plan with data/phone/text included in benefits package (details later)
• Health and dental insurance*
• 10 paid holidays each year and 10 P.T.O. (Personal Time Off) days per year^ (15 days after 5 years)
• Simple IRA with 3% company match after one year of employment
• Honor of working in the arts—for a non-profit—doing something that makes a difference in the world
* 80/20 health/dental plan 
^ FULLTIME benefits commence on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment.
Location: Layton, Utah
Status: Fulltime (25 hours per week)


How to Apply: STILL INTERESTED? visit our website for specific application instructions.
Closing Date: Until Filled (ASAP)
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