When May 27, 2022 at 10:00am 21 days 8 hrs
Where Salt Lake City Public Library Marmalade Branch 280 W 500 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, United States
Contact Magical Garden [email protected]

Watercolors by Jackeline Savino ? Exhibit runs from Apr 26 - June 17 ARTIST STATEMENT: It is almost surreal to present this, my first Art Exhibition in this gorgeous and prestigious Library, thank you for being a part of this journey that has been so magical for me. Watercolor has brought so much joy to my universe, every time I paint, I find myself totally submerged into the botanical silhouettes that are growing from my hand onto the paper. There's no right or wrong, there's no judgment, I just flow with the water diluting the pigment, with the brush dancing from the palette into the paper and bringing to life my ideas. I hope that my Artwork makes you feel at least a little bit of the happiness and peacefulness that nature provides to me, and that you can enjoy and get inspired by the amazing beauty that surrounds us every day. Nature is perfect and unique, so is everyone's Art expression. ARTIST BIO: Hi I'm Jackeline Savino, I'm a Watercolor Artist since a few years ago and I live in Park City, Utah. I can say I found my home away from home in this enchanting State. As a Yoga Instructor I found the most amazing form of meditation through Watercolor. I am a human with a strong desire to learn more, my eternal curiosity and search for the beautiful side of everything, the smile, the laughter and the flowers... happiness can be found everywhere in the simplest of things. I am in deeply in love with the creative process of mixing pigments, flow with music and create magical moments & paintings, you'll see a little bit of my soul in every petal, in every leaf, in every feather... They were all part of a beautiful session of connection with the universe, good energies & love for Nature, which is my favorite thing to paint; botanicals. I like to experiment with flowers pistils, wine, fruits & other natural elements to create new colors.