When September 21, 2019 at 9:00pm 2 hrs 59 mins
Contact Magda-Vega [email protected]
Rock & Roll from the Dead Lake

From the mean streets of Salt Lake City comes Magda-Vega, hard rock’s last hope in a world gone soft. Fiery hellcat Robin (larynx-shattering vocals), electric wizard Bill (sky-shredding guitar), cool vixen Angela (earth-rumbling bass) and savage pounder Mike (brain-bashing drums) whip up a sexy, dangerous cocktail of visceral bliss that defies genres and scorches labels. From garage-punk psyche to propulsive stoner-rock grooves to ominous doom metal, the Fierce Four deconstruct it all, loud, proud and sonically endowed. That fire on the horizon isn’t the apocalypse; it’s the new dawn of rock. It’s Magda-Vega.