Lyle Hillyard // Republican // Utah Senate District 25 //

Senator Hillyard did not complete Utah Cultural Alliance’s survey; however, we have compiled a list of the bills he supported in the 2020 legislative session that directly impacted the arts and humanities.

Bills Supported:

  • SB81: Motion Picture Incentives Amendments
  • SB 113: Arts Program Funding Amendments
  • HB 163: Cultural Stewardship Amendments
  • HCR1: Resolution Recognizing the 250th Anniversary of the United States
  • SB95: Economic Development Amendments
  • HB280: Transient Room Tax Provisions
  • HB370: Tourism Information Amendments
  • HB42: Heritage and Arts Amendments
  • HB46: Arts and Museums Revisions
  • HB 44: Fort Douglas Military Museum Amendments
  • HCR18: Concurrent Resolution Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the Historic Voyage of the Mayflower and the Signing of the Mayflower Compact
  • HCR2: Concurrent Resolution Creating the Old Iron Town State Monument
  • SB17: Heber Valley Historic Railroad Authority Sunset Date Extension
  • HJR12: Joint Resolution Celebrating Women's Suffrage in Utah
  • HB309: WWII Memorial Commission
  • Cultural Caucus Member