When June 26, 2022 at 11:00am 2 hrs
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As you travel south, the beautiful Rocky Mountains vanish underneath the earth to reappear again in the Southern Hemisphere in its full majesty as the Andes Mountains. It is among these high mountains that Andean Folk music emerged to beautify the earth, offer greater serenity to the flora and fauna and give the local people a sense of belonging. "Los Hermanos De Los Andes", an Andean folk group was formed among the Rocky Mountains with individuals of different nationalities who were attending a local University. They have had a successful history preserving and sharing their southern rich musical heritage, to thousands of listeners, with their authentic ethnic instruments dating back to the ancient Inca civilization. Their musical culture plays an important and meaningful role in their lives, breaking barriers and unifying people of all races. As they perform, these enchanted melodies contain powerful energies invoking positive emotions and creating a lasting impact in people's lives. Also, in each performance, the origin of each melody is explained and what it meant to the people in the specific country where it came from. The instruments are also shown and a description is given of them. "Los Hermanos de los Andes" invite their listeners to close their eyes and let their imagination take them to the high and majestic mountains of the Andes.