When 12 days to go July 10, 2022 at 7:00pm 4 hrs 59 mins
Contact Little Heron [email protected]

A Little Heron show is akin to discovering a great bar while in another city, where you feel welcomed and at home without knowing a soul. Where conversations with strangers, that feel like friends, ranging from fun and light-hearted to soulful and deep. A charismatic duo with opposite personalities but complementary talents loves sharing the stage, and it shows throughout their performance. With fun banter and stories to connect their songs to the audience, Little Heron welcomes you into their world as if they've known you all along. About Little Heron: Little Heron is an indie folk/soul band based in Galveston, TX. Comprised of a married couple of nature nerds, Little Heron writes original music and performs covers ranging from new indie/pop like Vance Joy and Wild Child to soul/jazz favorites from the 30s-60s like Smokey Robinson. Still can't quite imagine the sound? Think She & Him but add a piano. Sasha and Sean have been playing music together for 8 years. Sasha Francis (she/her) on vocals, guitar, and ukulele. Sean Salinger (he/him) on piano, vocals, and glockenspiel. Both have been known to throw in some other fun additions to the instrument line-up or, sometimes, out into the audience. Little Heron is lovely music for fun-loving humans.