Joint Sponsorship

This level grants one UNA/UCA Joint Sponsorship. 

UCA offers services and programming in the realm of advocacy, professional development, and building awareness. As a member, you are eligible for a number of benefits:
  • Advocacy // Legislative and other policy updates throughout the year 
  • Advocacy // Free or discounted admission to Advocacy Forums
  • Advocacy // Training on how to advocate for culture at the municipal, state, and federal levels
  • Advocacy // Lobbying and advocacy on behalf of our members’ interests and concerts
  • Advocacy // Free admission to UCA candidate debates
  • Advocacy & Awareness // Annual survey of candidates for office
  • Professional Development & Advocacy // Toolkits on subjects such as advocacy, nonprofit management, running your own business as an artist, and more
  • Professional Development // Free or reduced admission to Culture Bytes and any of our other professional development activities
  • Professional Development // Information on group insurance programs to artists
  • Professional Development // Connecting organizations and individual artists with needed business development support
  • Professional Development // Access to our press list, updated annually 
  • Professional Development // Subscription to our weekly newsletter
  • Professional Development // Utah Cultural Alliance Facebook discussion group (send a request) to share ideas and crowdsource among colleagues. 
  • Professional Development // Discounted admission to Annual Luncheon 
  • Professional Development // Discounted admission to Pillars of the Community Awards
  • Awareness // Ability to advertise news, events, and more in the UCA blog and newsletter. We receive over 10,000 views a month
  • Awareness // Annual State of the State report communicating the economic impact of Utah's arts, cultural, and humanities sector
  • Stay tuned for new benefits as we grow our organization!


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