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For organizations/businesses: please list the contact name in the first name field and your organization's name in the last name field. 

This level grants UCA membership to one organizational sponsor. 

UCA offers services and programming in the realm of advocacy, professional development, and building awareness. As a member, you are eligible for a number of benefits:
  • Advocacy // Legislative and other policy updates throughout the year 
  • Advocacy // Free or discounted admission to Advocacy Forums
  • Advocacy // Training on how to advocate for culture at the municipal, state, and federal levels
  • Advocacy // Lobbying and advocacy on behalf of our members’ interests and concerts
  • Advocacy // Free admission to UCA candidate debates
  • Advocacy & Awareness // Annual survey of candidates for office
  • Professional Development & Advocacy // Toolkits on subjects such as advocacy, nonprofit management, running your own business as an artist, and more
  • Professional Development // Free or reduced admission to Culture Bytes and any of our other professional development activities
  • Professional Development // Information on group insurance programs to artists
  • Professional Development // Connecting organizations and individual artists with needed business development support
  • Professional Development // Access to our press list, updated annually 
  • Professional Development // Subscription to our weekly newsletter
  • Professional Development // Utah Cultural Alliance Facebook discussion group (send a request) to share ideas and crowdsource among colleagues. 
  • Professional Development // Discounted admission to Annual Luncheon 
  • Professional Development // Discounted admission to Pillars of the Community Awards
  • Awareness // Ability to advertise news, events, and more in the UCA blog and newsletter. We receive over 10,000 views a month
  • Awareness // Annual State of the State report communicating the economic impact of Utah's arts, cultural, and humanities sector
  • Stay tuned for new benefits as we grow our organization!


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