John Molnar // Libertarian // Congressional District 4 (F)

John Molnar // Libertarian // Congressional District 4 (F)

1. How have the arts, culture, and/or humanities impacted your life?

I'm Greek. Arts and culture just is part of my life. Even my time in the Army had me mostly studying Asian languages and cultures at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA as a large part of my job. Mandarin Chinese and Indonesian specifically. But music and writing have always been the most impactful on my life. I was bullied through most of grade school and I turned to writing short stories, playing guitar, etc as my solace. Still my go to whenever life gets me down.

2. Utah's humanities and arts employ 123,000 Utahns, provide $4.4 billion in earnings, and $13.2 billion in sales. This is a larger economic impact than agriculture, mining, and real estate. Do you consider the arts and cultural sector an economic driver in Utah?


3. I support the following federal agencies and will work to increase fiscally responsible investment in them:

I do not support these agencies

4. If I win, I will join the following cultural caucuses:

None of the above

5. Forgivable loans available from the Small Business Administration have been vitally important to helping the cultural industry recover from COVID-19:

I do not support increasing federal funding in SBA COVID loans

6. Fiscally responsible government investment in the arts and humanities (including humanities and arts education) means to me:

That it’s not the governments job and should be privatized


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