When August 18, 2019 at 10:00am 6 hrs
Contact Helper Arts, Music & Film Festival [email protected]
Entering its' 25th year, the Helper Arts Music and Film Festival is the premiere summer event in Carbon County held the third weekend of August. Our mission is to create opportunities for everyone to experience the arts regardless of income levels.

Artistic excellence is a key stone of the Festival. This begins and ends with the Festival which brings together both those creatives who create and others who can enjoy such efforts and respect them. This includes all art genres - be it food, music or film. Helper City is in a true renaissance and right on the cusp of creating a sustainable community by focusing on local area assets including art as one of the three key tenants. Without the start of the Festival 25 years ago, Helper may very well have developed into a true ghost town. The arts have revived the community and continue to give rise to hope as we band together and move forward into a differing paradigm from years past. Walking our Main St. is all one needs to do to understand the impact of the arts on our community - our design elements were vetted by our community as presented by a combination of artists and citizens. This grass roots movement has built a positive proximity which was not present before - meaning artists and non-artists now see the positive results of working together. The resulting efforts are stunning and the Festival celebrates this effort and let's us come together and value contributions from all of our citizens.