When July 29, 2022 at 9:00am 2 hrs 30 mins
Contact Harry Potter Camp [email protected]

Wingardium Leviosa make objects fly, or levitate. Acting Camps focus on speaking, storytelling, creating characters and team building. Campers will participate in a daily warm up, play theatre games, learn how to create characters using their voices and bodies, and prepare a short recital based on the camp theme. A break will be given halfway through each day. Your child may bring a snack or you can pre-purchase a Brown-Bag Snack-Pack. Parker Theatre reserves the right to split, cancel or combine classes based on enrollment. Enrollment is available until 2 weeks prior to the start of camp in consideration of being properly staffed. You can send an inquiring about enrolling between the enrollment cut off and start of class to [email protected] Our class sizes typically range from 7-15 and are normally no more than 20 students per classroom. The State of Utah is no longer requiring masks and we are following those guidelines. Masks can be worn but are no longer required. Imperio - Makes target obey every command. Expecto Patronum - Patronus Charm Bring your wand and sense of adventure as you explore the magical legends in this spellbinding camp for young witches and wizards.