When August 19, 2022 at 6:00pm 2 hrs
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Garrett Lebeau is a member of the Shoshone tribe, born and raised on the Wind River Indian Reservation near Lander, Wyoming. His music draws instant comparisons to Boz Scaggs, Al Green or Van Morrison vocally with a sound that is completely and genuinely his own. Garrett Lebeau heard very little music growing up. The Wind River Reservation is remote and isolated. Garrett was raised in an apocalyptic religious cult, one that keeps its members shunning the outside world. As a result, Garrett led a life sequestered from other people. Those experiences left their mark on his music. On the Reservation, there was so much wide open space, and that, combined with his unorthodox upbringing, is abundant in Garrett's music. He gives his music space to breathe and develop. Garrett's music is at one moment gritty, then tender the next. He expresses a full range of emotions with his lyrics and music. Garrett is a self taught musician who did not start playing the guitar until he was an adult. For Garrett, the process of learning to play was a slow one. He taught himself the notes and chords and then began writing songs. He is an accomplished songwriter and because he is not fettered by traditional music theory, his guitar playing is unique. Garrett's first record, Rise to the Grind, was well received and reviewed and Garrett has just completed his second record, Gone So Long. Garrett enjoys playing live and prides himself on his ability to actually put on a show for the audience, as opposed to simply playing music. Garrett tours around the U.S. with his band and they have been privileged to share the stage with Mavis Staples and earlier this month opened several shows for Boz Scaggs in the Boston and Philadelphia areas.