When April 30, 2022 at 6:00pm 2 hrs
Contact Floral Photography [email protected]

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? Join instructor Ginger Livingston for her class on capturing flowers and other natural life. By the end of this session students will have a more complete understanding of how to use their equipment and the environment to create beautiful floral photographs at any time of year. We will cover camera settings, do's and don'ts, creating in ideal and less than ideal light, the artists eye, creative angles, storytelling, exposure, composition, lighting, and some post production. Class format will include some classroom instruction before going out into the Ashton Gardens to apply skills in capturing images just before sunset. For this class you need to have a working knowledge of how to use your DLSR camera. Ideally if you can shoot in manual mode you will have the most success. Check out some of Ginger's work on Instagram @gingersnapsphotography.   Required Supplies:
  • DLSR Camera
  • Working battery
  • Memory card
  • One or two lenses for shooting. Ideally one would be a macro lens like a 100mm or 105mm. The other a zoom lens or prime lens with a maximum aperture between 1.4 to 7. The lower the number the wider the aperture. Again, this isn't required but it will be easier to get a variety of shots with a lens that has a wider aperture such as 1.4- 2.8. Some of my favorite lenses to shoot flowers include 100mm, 35 Prime, 50 prime, 80 Prime, 24-70 Zoom