Executive Appropriations Notes

Executive Appropriations Committee 

Thursday, Feb 16, 2017 4:10 pm

2. Executive Offices and Criminal Justice  Appropriations — tremendous success with reallocations, remaining funds $37,500, lots of cuts in JRI which they would like to keep the money in JRI, $250,000 shortfall in AG office that is a constitutional requirement to provide services for child protection, 3 different groups of public employees which are underpaid specifically in corrections. They’re having a problem hiring line officers in the state prison. The compensation is not as good at the state institution, so they believe that the money they are hoping to appropriate will fill this gap. Talked about the steady increase for Highway Patrolmen. Talked about the importance of HB 200 and the ask that is included in their appropriation and the importance of processing Sexual Assault Kits, said that it was cut to get the program started, Rep. Romero clarified the original ask for HB 200 was 2.4 million and was cut down to 1 million dollars and expressed her ability to answer the questions. House Chair Sanpei asked a question about funding for corrections. 


3. Higher Education Appropriations — $124 million dollars asked for,  cut down to $65 million, top part of appropriations is tied to student growth at each of Utah’s Universities, talked about the Strategic Workforce Investment, figuring out how to strategically place income tax dollars in higher education especially going to high demand jobs 


4. Infrastructure and General Government - 4 requests prioritized for ongoing, and one-time funding, mostly talked about buildings that will be built. The committee said that if there is not enough one-time funding it would be okay to not build some of the buildings this year. The EAC had some concerns about the ATC in Dixie because they thought that it might be more of an issue for the county


5. Executive Committee requests - WWI Memorial is being funded through this committee

Executive Appropriations Wednesday, February 15, 2017 

c.       Business, Economic Development, and Labor

Sen. Shiozawa-increases will allow us to collect new revenues

See SB8 for fees changes

Committee reallocated $2.8 M ongoing and $1.7 one time

Prioritized 18 ongoing and 32 one time requests

Prioritized items are on 2.1 and 2.2

Rep Hollins-Curious if Salty Cricket was funded

Sen Shiozawa-You can find it on 2.3 Rep. Hollins, the answer is yes.

Johnathan Ball-Executive Appropriations still must vote on a bill to fund the items.

Rep. Briscoe-2.3 and 2.4 funded with internal money

Pres Neiderhauser-Curious what Salty Crickets is?

Group in SLC that provides music training and services. They presented and played in front of the committee. Committee determined that this is a valiant effort.

Pres. Niederharuse-Question on Tourism………

*Missed most of the discussion while I was booking our meeting with Sen Hinkins

Sen Shiozawa-would like to talk more about the request and process in the interim and hear all the requests moving forward instead of having certain requests go through other committees.

Speaker Hughes question on Item #19

Sen. Shiozawa #19 is a contract amount

Sen. Stevenson-curious what’s going on in this committee. I’ve seen requests totaling $60 M come to this committee and am impressed with your amounts this year.

Sen. Stevenson-Great work.

Sen. Shiozawa From the Senate side, I would like to thank my co-chairs and couldn’t have better legislative help.




e.       Public Education

Sen Hillyard-Pleasure to work with Rep. McCay and Rep. Spendlove

All members of the committee felt like they were part of the process

#1 Enrollment growth-$4m must be added for growth. If we don’t add the money it will cause a budget shortfall.

Increase of WPU is mandatory 2.5%. If you increase it more, the more money it will take.

#6. Regional service centers started using mineral lease money which has run out.

#8. Educator licensing fees-fees were over what they needed. Surplus has been used and need the fees. Legislature will pay the fees for this year.

#9. Teacher supply ongoing revenue is at $5 M

#2/3 have no wiggle room must be funded

#1 priority request is for a new school for the Deaf and Blind

Thank Ben, Jill and Karen our staff. Thank SB and SBOE and Tammy Pifer (?) from the Gov office.

We think we’ve stretched you for the $176 M.

Rep Briscoe-14 Sp Ed intensive services-current?

Hillyard Sp Ed intensive services is $15 M in the hole

Ben-$1.2 M State, $1 M Fed converting the $1 M to ongoing

Rep. Gibson-Thanked the committee

Sen. Stevenson-Compliment the chairs. Great friends with Hillyard. You may wish he was back in this chair by the end.







 Executive Appropriations Committee February 2, 2017

Request for Appropriation

Utah World War I Centennial Commission (Handy)-$75,000

Hire an intern to coordinate activities.

All 50 states have a Centennial Commission

Sen. VanTassell-is it one time?

Rep. Handy-yes

c.       Public Education


SB 1 has been approved. The committee is waiting for budget numbers before doing their real work. Offer intent language and request the SBOE to provide the information requested.

Rep Briscoe-Page 72 Does the adjustment column indicate the increased local funding.

Ben Leishman. Yes, the funds are included in that column

Rep. Sanpei-some initiatives have some balances. Could we take those balances out of the base?

Sen. Hillyard-We haven’t done anything more than approve the Base Budget. Once we get down to the real work we’ll take those out.

Motion to approve by Rep. Sanpei. Passes unanimously


3c-Public Education Base Budget Report (2017 GS)


  1. Business, Economic Development, and Labor

Spent time considering performance measures, adjustment to dedicated credits.

DABC has some items pertaining to business that we approved.

We did not vote on any reductions until we get more information from the agencies.

Rep. Sanpei-Avenue H is a program that is ending but I see $750,000 why isn’t the money removed? The program is continuing for one more year.

Moved to approve by Rep. Sanpei. Passes unanimously.

3d-Business, Economic Development, and Labor Base Budget Report (2017 GS)



Executive Appropriations Committee January 26, 2017, 5:30 p.m.

Capitol Preservation Board (CPB)

Base Budget-$4.95 M No discussion of increase


Here is the issue brief for the CPB





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