*For Immediate Release July 17th, 2017
Death and Mystery Delight at CenterPoint Theatre in Leishman Hall’s

Production of “An Inspector Calls”
July 28th thru August 19th, Monday, Thursday – Saturday 7:00 PM
Tickets - $15, Free Parking
801.298.1302, CPTUtah.org, 525 N 400 W, Centerville, UT
Contact: Amy Gapinski
Phone: 801-298- 1302 O 801-725- 9488 C
Email: amyg@cptutah.org
Centerville, UT – Leishman Hall at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre is about to be home
to the high-society, snobbish Birling family, who find themselves at the very center
of an ominous mystery.

One auspicious evening the Birling family is enjoying a quiet evening at home, when
a man identifying himself as Detecive Goole appears at their doorstep. He is there to
announce the death of a woman he believes is intricately tied to this family. As each
hour passes chilling revelations come to life from each member of this family and if
this information leaks to the public, the family will be in social ruins.
An Inspector Calls is a thrilling and eerie commentary about the hypocrisy of the
upper class.
Directed by Richie Uminski, and played by an exceptional cast, this production of
“An Inspector Calls” will leave audiences pondering on their own failings and
responsibility in the lives of others.
“An Inspector Calls” runs July 28 – August 19 with shows running Mondays and
Thursday through Saturday - at 7:00 pm.
Join us for a night of mystery and intrigue, reserve your tickets by calling the box
office at 801-298- 1302 or go online to cptutah.org.

Pictured (Photography provided by Pepperfox Photography)
IC_001 Ed Farnsworth (Inspector Goole), Cathy Ostler (Sybil Birling), Nathan

Riddle (Arthur Birling)

IC_002 Jordan Davis (Eric Birling), Ed Farnsworth (Inspector Goole), Katie Plott

(Sheila Birling)

IC_003 Ed Farnsworth (Inspector Goole)

Contact information for interviews
Richie Uminski – Director 210-978- 2733 richieuminski@yahoo.com
Ed Farnsworth – Inspector 801-726- 5203 etfarnsworth@yahoo.com
Nathan Riddle – Arthur 801-927- 7152 nathan@iapfilms.com
Cathy Ostler – Sybil 505-695- 0172 cathy.ostler.fqs29@hotmail.com

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