EAC 3.3.17

Called to order - 4:44 pm

FY 2017-18 Final revenue estimates accepted (see pic blue handout attached)
FY17-18 Budget items
  • Sen. Davis added "intent language" to: fund "out of wedlock pregnancy prevention," through TANFF; fund "sexual violence prevention," through TANFF; fund "access for Medicaid clients' access to dental care after evaluating managed care usage and reports and clarifications. Escamilla - the 3rd piece is associated with Sen. Christensen's now dead SB50, which has been resolved outside of this hearing
  • $46M for University of Utah and Monies for Prairie Dog were raised and addressed.
  • Motion approved unanimously to accept
FY17-18 Additional One-Time Appropriations Request (see pic green handout)
  • Escamilla discussed hospice care for 
FY 17-18 Approved Funding Items Approval (See pic orange handout)
  • Unanimously approved
HB8 Substitution Writing authorized for Higher Education, income adjustments for higher education employees. Labor market adjustment - COLA = cost of living (consumption). Labor Market adjustment = cost of employing people (not connected to CPI).

Cultural advocates will be most interested in viewing item #3 below.

Items distributed at the meeting:
  1. Revenue Estimates
  2. Consolidated Motions
  3. Approved funding items (cultural items are on pg 1 and 8)
  4. Additional funded items (relevant to bills mostly)


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