ZAP Photo Challenge: Document Your Surprises

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Week 7: #ZAPisUnexpected

It’s week 7 of the photo challenge! And this week’s theme is #ZAPisUNEXPECTED.

Carl Sandburg said, “Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.” We visited @nhmutah and snapped this (accidentally upside-down) pic of a storm rolling in. What a fun surprise!

We often talk to people who visit Salt Lake and are surprised by how many little, unexpected gems there are in this county. Show us the unexpected moments and gems in your life! Use #ZAPisUnexpected for a chance to be featured.

Anyone can join the challenge!

We will only be announcing the theme via email for 1 more week. After that, you'll want to make sure you're following us on Instagram in order to learn the new theme. 

Thank you for all who are participating! It's so fun to see what you're up to!

- The ZAP Team

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