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March 2, 2017
Issue #3:  DataArts Transformed  •  Online Courses  • Convening Communities • Tips: Master Metrics • DataArts' Board Welcomes New Members•  From the Field • Case Study: Recess Activities • DataArts on the Road and Online

DataArts Transformed: Telling the Story of Cultural Nonprofits with Data

2017 promises to be another year of growth and positive change. We’ve successfully launched the DataArts platform and redesigned Cultural Data Profile (CDP)  with a new look, streamlined navigation, and flexible, easy-to-use analysis and reporting for management, advocacy and research. New organizations from all 50 states have contributed data since our July 2016 launch.  Read more.


New Online Courses: Dive Into Data

Good information can guide good decisions: where to focus attention, how to invest time, which programs to expand and which to streamline.  Short, accessible, and engaging online courses from DataArts are designed for cultural professionals to dive into using data for management, advocacy and smarter decision making.  

Convening Communities to Build Cultural Data Networks 

Above: Michelle Higgins, DataArts' Community Engagement Manager

Data-driven insights are driving change across the non-profit sector. Here at DataArts, we've been hearing a growing desire from arts and culture leaders to engage in meaningful discussions about how cities and communities can better understand and put data to work. By sharing information and insights and collaborating around data initiatives, cultural nonprofits, grantmakers, advocates, and decision makers can work together on a variety of agendas and increase their impact on behalf of the arts sector.

Recently, we hosted or attended stakeholder meetings in Boston, Chicago, Trenton, NJ, and San Francisco to learn how to best encourage, support and advance these conversations.  Read more. 


Tips for DataArts Users:
Master Metrics to Get More from Your Financial Data

Whether your organization has a robust finance department with accounting and customer relationship management systems, or you do it all with a volunteer treasurer and a trusty spreadsheet, tracking and organizing your organization’s finances is no small task.  Metrics can help you put your financial data to work in new ways.  Read more

DataArts' Board Welcomes New Members

DataArts is very pleased to announce  two new members of the Board Of Directors: Danielle Brazell, General Manager of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and Elise Hickel, Strategic Partner Manager at Google.  Read more

Above: Danielle Brazell, General Manager of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affa

Below: Elise Hickle, Strategic Partner Manager at Google


FROM THE FIELD: Everything We Know About Whether and How the Arts Improve Lives
From Createquity

We love to see creative people using data creatively, especially when the project is building an evidence-based case for the tangible benefits of the arts. Createquity has been exploring the various benefits claimed for arts participation in relation to the strength of evidence backing those claims. Their review delivers some exciting insights:  "It is becoming clear in at least several arenas that it’s not just our imagination: arts participation really does improve lives."  Read More.


Case Study: Recess Activities

An NYC-based nonprofit arts space used the power of data to evaluate revenue building and discover returns on investment. 


DataArts on the Road and Online

Join us for in-person trainings, and conference appearances by DataArts in California, Illinois, Maryland, and Texas , as well as webinars.


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