Daniel Beckstrand // Democrat // Congressional District 4

1. How have the arts, culture, and/or humanities impacted your life?

I grew up taking some theater, piano, and dance classes and participating in a few dance competitions and school musicals. Art and culture have had a profound impact on my development and on the values I hold dear. Music, movies, and pop culture are some of my favorite things to learn about and participate in, and I always try to stay up-to-date. I have gone to numerous concerts, shows, and frequent the movie theater as much as I can. I can't imagine a world without our arts and culture!

2. Utah's humanities and arts employ 123,000 Utahns, provide $4.4 billion in earnings, and $13.2 billion in sales. This is a larger economic impact than agriculture, mining, and real estate. Do you consider the arts and cultural sector an economic driver in Utah?


3. I support the following federal agencies and will work to increase fiscally responsible investment in them:

-National Endowment for the Arts

-National Endowment for the Humanities

-Institute of Museum and Library Services

-Corporation for Public Broadcasting

4. If I win, I will join the following cultural caucuses:

-Congressional Humanities

-Congressional Arts

-Congressional STEAM

5. Forgivable loans available from the Small Business Administration have been vitally important to helping the cultural industry recover from COVID-19:

I support increasing federal funding in SBA COVID loans and keeping them open for nonprofits.

6. Fiscally responsible government investment in the arts and humanities (including humanities and arts education) means to me:

Ensuring that they have the necessary resources to promote the arts and humanities around the nation. It's so important to invest in the creativity and ingenuity that humanities and arts education encourages.


Website: https://www.danielbeckstrand.com/