Ticket sales are a vital element of nonprofit financing for arts, humanities, and museums. Event cancellations can mean the difference between survival and closure.

Please sign this petition asking our elected officials to include cultural organizations in emergency funding due to event cancellations as a result of social distancing for covid-19. We also ask you to consider donating to our fund to support nonprofit organizations and artists negatively impacted by COVID-19. Below is the content of the petition:

Dear Governor Herbert, Lieutenant Governor Cox, Utah Legislative Leadership particularly Speaker Wilson & President Adams, Sen. Lee, Sen. Romney, Rep. Bishop, Rep. Stewart, Rep. Curtis, and Rep. McAdams,

We understand that COVID-19 posses a significant threat to our state's health and economy. We appreciate the efforts you have made to protect our state. Arts, museums, and humanities are heavily reliant on ticket sales. Nonprofit finances are often precarious. As you work on funding to address the crises, we ask that you set aside funding to support cultural nonprofits who are impacted by event closures during this process. We thank you for your service on behalf of our state and for everything you do to support the humanities and arts.

Thank you,

the undersigned


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