October is a special time for all of us at Utah Cultural Alliance (UCA). As the fall leaves change and our hearts turn toward holidays and family, we also celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month (NAHM), a nationwide collective recognition of the importance of culture in America, and for us, in Utah especially.

On October 3, 2023, Governor Cox announced his Proclamation declaring October as Arts and Humanities Month in Utah. Additionally, President Biden declared October as National Arts and Humanities Month in his Proclamation delivered September 29, 2023.

We are proud to be a part of this industry that has been (rightfully) honored every October for the past 38 years. We are immensely grateful to Governor Cox, the Utah Cultural Caucus leadership, and the Utah State Legislature for their continued support of the arts and cultural industry in our home state.

You may read each of these proclamations using the links below.

Governor Cox's Proclamation

President Biden's Proclamation

President Biden captured the essence when he said, "During National Arts and Humanities Month, may we celebrate all the artists and scholars who have dared to reveal the good, bad, and truth of our Nation, and, in the process, have strengthened the covenant that is our democracy."

This sentiment resonates deeply with our mission at UCA. We know the transformative power of the arts and humanities, not only as a reflection of our collective experiences but as a beacon, guiding us towards a richer understanding of our shared humanity. From the rhythms of dance and song to the profound insights of literature and academic discourse, the cultural sector stands as a testament to the best of human creativity and ingenuity.

But NAHM isn't just a celebration; it's a call to action. The arts and humanities don't just exist in isolation; they thrive because of community support, patronage, and a shared belief in their value. They require champions at every level—from the individual artist to the policymakers—to ensure that their light never dims.

That's where you come in. As members of the Utah community, each of you plays an integral role in the sustenance and growth of our cultural landscape. Whether you're an artist sharing your vision, a patron supporting local events, or an advocate raising awareness of the importance of arts funding, your contributions are invaluable.

This month, as we revel in the myriad expressions of arts and humanities, let's also remember our roles in fostering this ecosystem. Attend a local performance, purchase art from a neighborhood gallery, or simply engage in meaningful conversations about the value of culture in our lives.

Together, echoing President Biden’s words, we can reveal the truths of our community, our state, and our nation, and in the process, strengthen the bonds that unite us.