When April 01, 2020 at 4:00pm 14 days 2 hrs
Contact Caricature Class for Teens [email protected]
Learn to exaggerate facial features and create unique caricature portraits!

A caricature is a portrait where the proportions are changed to highlight what makes a person different from everyone else (or the average). This 15 week semester will introduce the concept of exaggerating distinctive features of a person and bring more attention to them through the art of CARICATURE. It will start with "caricature fundamentals" which will anchor in the average and relative proportions of head and face, and include an abstract chart of facial rhythms. We will do drills and exercises to quickly assess features that are different than the average, (like Jay Leno's chin) and then practice how to exaggerate them while maintaining a likeness. There will be lots of drawing in this class so a sketch book will be required to record ideas and several different versions of interesting faces. Come have FUN while studying hard to interpret and make intentional changes to a person's likeness!! First class is 1/8/2020. Instructor: Shelley Young. Materials not included see materials list on our website!