• Candidate Name: Angela Choberka
  • Your Municipality: Ogden City
  • Elected office for which you are running: Municipal Ward 1- City Council

Question 1: Should government be involved in funding the arts and humanities?

Question 2: Have you had a personal experience with arts, culture, or humanities that have had an impact on your life?

3b // Optional, explain your experience.
My life has been impacted immensely by participating in the creation of and in attending art related events and activities. I am an English major, so literature and theater has always helped me to learn more about the world and other people's life experiences. I am also married to a fine artist who attended art school in New York City where we both lived and worked for many years. I worked as a teacher and as an arts administrator there. Going to museums and performances changed my view of life and myself in the world.

Question 3: Do you support public funding for city and county arts councils who then re-grant that money to local arts and humanities organizations?

3b // Optional, explain why or why not.
Art helps to create a well-rounded and open community. It should be accessible and available to all residents. One of the ways we can ensure this is to support it through public funds. Art councils should be trusted to make these vital decisions on the behalf of us all. This is one way to make an equitable impact across neighborhoods.

Question 4: Do you support Percent for Art programs, which designate 1% of public building costs for public art that are included within that building? Currently, only 8 Utah municipalities have such a program.

4b // Optional, explain why or why not.
That would be wonderful! If you have visited any of the more recently built structures on the Weber State campus including the new science building you will witness the power of public art in these spaces.

Question 5: Do you support having a Percent-for-Art program in your own municipality?

5b // Optional, explain why or why not.

Question 6: Do you consider the arts and cultural sector an economic driver in Utah?

6b // Optional, explain why or why not.
From personal experience, I know that I want to live in a place that has a thriving arts community. The arts enrich our everyday experiences in ways nothing else can. I also know there has been research done that supports this as well.

Question 7: 32 municipalities have a RAP (recreation, arts, and parks) type tax to help support cultural organizations in their communities. Would you support a RAP type tax such as this in your own municipality? If your municipality already has such a local option sales RAP-type sales tax and you support it, answer yes.

7b // Optional, explain your experience.

Question 8: Municipalities can facilitate partnerships between cultural organizations and the local tourism sector to boost the local economy. Do you support this? Optional, explain why or why not. 

8b // Optional, explain why or why not. 

Question 9: Municipal governments can create Cultural Districts - with or without tax incentives. Governments sometimes fund these via bed or tourism taxes within the Cultural District boundaries, but it can be done within municipal budgets fairly cheaply. Is this something you would support?

9b // Optional, explain why or why not. 
Ogden City is currently undergoing an initiative such as this. They have put many resources toward this effort. I especially appreciate how they have given the residents the ability to give feedback and provide ideas to help make this happen. I am a strong believer in the possibilities this can bring our community