When December 15, 2021 at 10:00am 2 hrs
Contact Can You Draw Snow? A Workshop on Negative Space with Dan McCahon [email protected]
Drawing snowy landscapes is a great winter tradition.

Drawing snowy landscapes is a great winter tradition. Whether you're in plein air or in our warm studio space the techniques you will learn will help you in developing landscape sketches that feel complete. We will be going through the foundations of edges, shapes, composition, and negative space in this 2 hour workshop. Starting with just black and white, we will understand how we can depict a subject and make a clear artistic statement with just 2 values. From there, we will draw a snowy scene, doing our best to simplify the complexities of nature into a piece of art that conveys the feeling that each of us wants to evoke. Landscape is just another form of portrait, and just as we craft the emotion of the face, so too can we imbue our landscapes with mood.